O.T Creative

A great way to learn and grow for me is being involved in my community and reaching out to different people as much I can. I have been very lucky to be able to support and even run my animation workshop at a local creative space called, ‘OT creative SPACE’. Being able to teach the younger generation about animation and let people realise you don’t need super fancy tools to create amazing work is fulfilling. It is also my way of giving back to all the people that have got me to where I am now!

Photo Credit : Lynda Sterling
Photo Credit : Lynda Sterling
Staying Creative Project

Due to the pandemic, O.T Creative initiated a project to make creative packs for people from low-income families and vulnerable adults. They commissioned me to make a worksheet and video that go hand in hand in teaching someone a new skill.
My response was to make a simple flipbook how-to worksheet. I then accompanied this with a 'tips and tricks' video on how to take your animation skills further.